IRS TIN Matching

IRS Compliance offers seamless periodic IRS TIN Matching services to the business community. Periodic TIN Matching is the best preventative measure against receiving IRS TIN and Name mismatch penalties, as it quickly identifies any customer/vendor that could result in a filing error and the subsequent penalty. Receiving the match results affords your company time to research the problem with the TIN and Name information for clerical errors when entered and/or time to re-solicit the payee for a new Form W-9 ahead of the time crunch at year end.

Submitting your payee information to us is a quick and easy file format and after performing the match – we provides you the results of that process. Keep in mind that when you onboard the payee and even perform a TIN Match payee names, tax identifications, and tax status (individual, DBA, corporations) can change without notice and payee records that were previously matched may no longer be correct. Establish due diligence against penalties and ensure that you payee TIN and Names are correct.

IRS Bulk TIN Matching your entire customer file frequently is the best measure to ensure accuracy.

Now is the time to verify that the Name and Tax ID information that you have on file for your payees is correct and if it is identified as incorrect, you are then in a position that to attempt to re-certify those payees prior to submitting your annual reporting, thereby avoiding B-Notices and Penalty Assessments on the records in error.

IRS Compliance can also provide additional services in the realm of TIN Management as an ongoing service to solicit Forms W-9 and W-8, validate the certifications, continually match certifications provided and maintain the withholding status of each payee. This extended service may also include B-Notice processing and TIN Penalty processing and tracking and abatement assistance.

So whether your need is just IRS Bulk TIN Matching or a year round service for managing payee TIN’s and withholding – IRS Compliance can help.

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